Appleseed Partnership Foundation Grant Program Application Checklist

Welcome to the Appleseed Partnership Foundation Grant Program online application. Before you get started, please review the Program Guidelines below to familiarize yourself with the program, including eligibility, program requirements, and the application process.

Please use this check list as a guide and easy reference as you prepare to complete the online grant application. In order to complete the online application, you will need the following information and documentation:

  • Your organization Tax ID (FEIN) number
  • Mission/Purpose of your organization
  • Annual Budget
  • Identification and qualification of staff members (assigned to project)
  • List of Board Members and Affiliations
  • Project Narrative/Description
  • Project Budget (excel or pdf format)
  • Project Schedule
  • A copy of your 501c3 IRS designation letter
  • An audited financial statement of the eligible institution, including the balance sheet and income statement
  • A copy of the latest available annual report for the organization

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding the online application or program, please contact Joseph Boylan (Ashburn Advisors) at or 570-408-1732.  Please note that only complete online applications will be accepted for review.  Thank you.


Program Guidelines


The Appleseed Partnership Foundation strives to help make the Greater Wyoming Valley a better place to live and work. Through grants and investments, we will focus on long-term measurable, sustainable economic community development to improve the quality of life with the emphasis on Healthcare, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Social Services.



A. Eligible Applicants

The Appleseed Partnership Foundation Grant Program applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Non-Profit (501c3 status)
  • Physical Location in Pennsylvania

B. Eligible Projects

  1. The project must benefit residents of the Greater Wyoming Valley.
  2. The project must meet one of the following interest areas:  Health Care, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Social Services

C. Eligible Use of Funds

  1. The following items all eligible uses of grant funds:
    • Operating Expenses
    • Events
    • Equipment (Equipment purchases must be identified in the grant application along with cost estimates from a vendor. Only equipment needed to deliver service will be considered.)
  2. The following items are ineligible uses of grant funds
    • Capital Campaigns
    • Professional Development
    • Travel
    • Real Estate Acquisition



A. Matching Funds

No match is required for the grant program. However, other sources of funding and their status must be listed to demonstrate that the operating budget of program or initiative is equal to 100%.

B. Other Requirements

  1. Project Records
  2. The applicant must maintain full and accurate records with respect to the project and must ensure adequate control over related parties in the project.  Grantees must prepare a status report (after a six-month and twelve-month period), of the initiative/project with a budget versus actual statement of how the grant money has been used. Grantee must submit a modification for Foundation approval for any change in the scope of work or for a 10% or more budget deviation.

  3. Nondiscrimination
  4. No grant assistance will be awarded to any applicant under this program unless the applicant certifies to the Appleseed Partnership Foundation that they shall not discriminate against any employee or against any person seeking employment because of race, color, handicap, national origin, age, or sex.



  1. Grants shall not exceed $50,000 for any project.
  2. Grant funding cannot exceed a twelve-month period, with the execution of the grant agreement recognized as the official project start date.



A. Application Procedures

  1. Grant application will only be accepted through the online application process.  Hard copy applications will not be accepted.
  2. Applications not submitted in their entirety or deemed incomplete by the Appleseed Partnership will not be considered for funding.
  3. The Grant application can be accessed on the Appleseed Partnership Foundation website at, under the “Grant Application” tab.

B. Application Evaluation

All applications submitted for financial assistance will be reviewed by the Appleseed Partnership Foundation Grants Committee before select applications are passed along to the full Board of Directors for final review and approval.  Projects will be evaluated using the following list of evaluation criteria:

  1. Complete application including all required supplemental information
  2. The project’s ability to meet the mission and priorities of the Appleseed Partnership.
  3. The ability to demonstrate a clear and reasonable work plan
  4. Delivery of an accurate budget
  5. The applicant’s ability to complete the propose project with the amount requested
  6. The project’s impact on the underserved communities/individuals
  7. The applicant and projects ability to present an effective outreach strategy
  8. The ability of the project to produce clearly defined results
  9. Demonstrates the capacity and leadership to complete the proposed project.
  10. The unique nature of the project
  11. The long-term sustainability of the project



Program and application inquiries can be directed to:

Joseph Boylan
Phone:  570-408-1732

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